Sources of Pharmaceutical Information

A Workshop for Information Professionals

  • Why does it take so long to develop a new medicine?
  • What new drugs are being developed for Asthma?
  • What are the best portals for pharmaceutical information?
  • What is the latest view on the avian influenza?

Providing information on pharmaceuticals involves answering a wide variety of questions using many sources.  In addition the development and marketing for a new medicine is long, complex and highly information-intensive.  There is a wealth of information on pharmaceuticals, whether in development or on the market, both freely available and subscription-based.  This workshop will give delegates a better understanding of the development process and will identify key sources of information relating to the various stages of development and also information available on current medicines on the market.

The importance of evaluating the quality of the sources of information is emphasised and searching for information from a patient's point of view is also considered.  The focus was on web-based sources of information but conventional print sources and related associations or organisations that provide information are also identified.

How to book:

Contact Shaida Dorabjee to arrange a suitable date and venue.

This workshop will cover:

  • The drug development process: key stages, time-scales, costs and players
  • Major sources of R&D information: publishers, scientific literature, databases and aggregators
  • Secondary sources: organisations, regulators, evaluators and associations
  • Business information: publications, market research, news, companies
  • Information for the public: patients, healthcare professionals and shareholders

Who should attend:

This workshop is aimed at information professionals who are new to the pharmaceutical industry or for any professional who needs to understand how the pharmaceutical industry undertakes its research and development and has to be able to identify key sources of information relating to pharmaceuticals and healthcare.  It will be especially useful to those in the publishing, management accountancy and legal sectors.

Where, When and How Long?

The workshop lasts for one day, typically from 9:30am to 4:30pm, and can usually be given at your own premises.  Shorter or longer workshops can be organised depending on your specific requirements.