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Library & Information Services vs Competitive Intelligence

Cilip Update with Gazette June 2011

A short article comparing the two services appears in the Cilip Gazette.

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Information audits. Getting that evidence base.

Library & Information Update (2007) Vol 6 No10 29-31

Information professionals (IPs) have a tough time these days.  Users expect to find information themselves and expect it to be delivered immediately, to their desktop, through multiple channels.

Not only do IPs have a tough time convincing users that searching effectively is paramount, they also have to make it clear to them that time, resources and IP skills are required to ensure that it is available in an accessible form on their desktop, that much of the information has to be paid for and that there is such a thing as copyright.  On top of that, new ways of finding and managing information such as social networking and Web 2.0 initiatives are turning the world of information delivery upside down.

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Cultural change: The last hurdle and the highest barrier to developing a successful information service?

Pharma-Bio-Med. Rome, Italy. 26-28 October 2014

The culture of an organisation or function within it is often seen as a barrier to many an improvement or development initiative. This is particularly important for information professionals where the new capabilities and competencies required may also challenge traditional attitudes and beliefs. However, we often find it difficult to identify, and more importantly to change the culture. This presentation will explain why workplace culture needs to be characterised and why there is often resistance from all, including the leaders, to change. There are ways in which it can be examined and measured in order to form a framework from which successful change can be implemented, and these will also be discussed.

From this presentation you will gain some ideas as to how you can contribute to successful change in your organisation.

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