Client Work

Previous projects

Clients have included pharmaceutical companies, communications companies, and various central government departments including the NHS.  Shaida has worked as an associate consultant on some projects with for example TFPL and as an independent management consultant on others.  Examples of past projects include...

  • Working with a global pharmaceutical company to review and expand its Medical Information function
  • Training and coaching information professionals on promoting and marketing their services
  • Examining the respective activities of the Information Service and Competitive Intelligence service in a global organisation
  • Reviewing the information requirements of a public sector department of 6000 staff nationwide and producing a business plan for a new library and information service
  • Undertaking an audit of a scientific-based organisation of 600 staff based in the UK as well as the USA, following a merger and making recommendations for a new combined service
  • Advice on reorganising the content of a corporate intranet to meet the new needs of the organisation
  • Working with a Web Services Department in order to address management issues and job specifications to meet the new requirements of the organisation for web services

Client testimonials

Membership organisation 2013

"Shaida acted as facilitator for the Linnean Society of London's team offsite strategic planning day. She demonstrated her outstanding professionalism throughout - during preparation, and on the day, drawing out issues and leading people to think about constructive solutions. All the staff have since given extremely positive feedback on Shaida's facilitating approach."

Public sector organisation...

"Shaida was part of a team which undertook an audit of our entire library and information service for our organisation of 6000 users, spread throughout the UK. Clear objectives were agreed and views of users and senior executives were used to produce a report and recommendations for the way forward.

"Shaida then undertook a further detailed review, which investigated the recommendations and produced a three-year business plan which covered the development of a new Library and Information service for the whole organisation.  This also included working with suppliers to investigate access to electronic journals and working with IT staff to develop the content for the intranet.  The resulting business plan for the service was a platform upon which we planned future development of the service."


Private sector company...

"Shaida was asked to help us produce an objective review of the Information Science team.  She worked closely with the department head and team leader to ensure objectives were agreed, and throughout the project with the team to get the detail required for the report.  A clear, thorough and objective audit was produced ahead of schedule.  The executive summary presented key findings and a number of recommendations, which facilitated strategic decision-making required for the direction and organisation of the team.

"Shaida's approach is professional, balanced and amenable.  I can highly recommend her services, experience and skills for any group in a similar situation."